Dove   Symbolizes advocate of Peace for Peaceful l Policy
Wreath   A leaf marks honor or esteem
Book   Symbolizes Academic Excellence
Our School Logo advocates Peace for everyone while achieving honors and excellence

School History

Formerly the Mother Goose Nursery and Kindergarten School...
The Mother Goose Nursery and Kindergarten School opened its doors to the children of Angeles City in 1969. At that time, preschool was the only level of education being offered.

The Transformation

The ownership of the school changed hand in 1990, when the previous owner decided to move back to Australia. Seeing an opportunity to bring high quality education to the children, Mrs. Leticia J.F. Kuzma purchased the school and adjoining property... The New Mother Goose Nursery and Kindergarten School was then reintroduced.

In 1992, the name of the school was changed to "J.F Kuzma School" and offered Elementary level at the same year. In 1995, a new four-classroom wing was built to accommodate the growing population of the school. The Administration was headed by Mrs. Leticia J.F. Kuzma, Director/In-Change of Admission and Mrs. Lani Patricia K. Cordero, OIC/In-Charge of Instruction. With the support of the parents, students and the faculty, a second floor was added during the summer of 1999 with Miss Mylyn A. Torres acting as the school principal. This gives the chance to offer High School Education. In,2001 another four classroom were added for the completion of the High School. On the same year, numerous and series of recognitions were given to the school as the school explores and participates inter school competitions, academic and non-academic contests and other activities. The school succeeded in providing quality education from Pre-School up to High School when the first Commencement Exercises of High School graduates happened in 2003. In 2005, Miss Jeleian G. Cuartelon became the acting principal. With its vision of valuing life long learning, J.F. Kuzma School opens its hand to provide formal education among adults who are interested to continue schooling while working. Night High School was formally offered in 2007 with Miss  Rachelle H. Panlaqui, acting principal, supervising. Ten students pioneered the first year of Night High School.

In 2008, All classes in Elementary were made whole-day classes from half day sessions. Mr Eric S. De Dios, now acting as the school principal supervises academic instructions. Recently, J.F Kuzma School keeps on her commitment on quality education. Various developments are being undertaken to keep abreast with the innovating needs of the students. Developments include the full air conditioning of the classrooms: expansion of the school canteen; enhancement of the school library, playpen for pre-schools and rest rooms; and additional computer units for all levels.