Message from the Director

It is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you.
As a prospective JFK Family, we want you to learn
as much as possible about our school and its programs.
J.F. Kuzma School  focuses on character and values,
cooperation, mutual respect, peaceful resolution of conflict and service.

Our school is a place where young children learn to listen, question,
challenge, probe and gain the knowledge and confidence
that will allow them to think for themselves and make good decisions.
We believe that excellence in education enables students to value
themselves as individuals, while at the same time prepares them
to participate with confidence in a complex and changing society.

Our School have caring and professional teachers,
small classes, a rich and varied curriculum and lively,
enthusiatic students that make the Kuzmanians

We are happy to make you a part of the Kuzma Family.
Together, we make a difference...

Ms. Leticia J.F. Kuzma, Director
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